What is The Range Arts Collection?
Range Arts is a Canadian company dedicated to providing the most welcoming, fun, and comprehensive firearms training available. We work every day to make your journey into shooting more friendly and accessible. We've received countless questions about the best and most useful quality products, and that's why we've decided to curate a collection based on the personal preference and recommendations of our highly skilled and certified instructors.

How do I take Firearms or Hunting Courses?
Please visit rangearts.ca for lots of useful information about accessing training courses and how to book them in the GTA / Hamilton Area.

How do I make a bulk order?
If you are ordering large quantities, we encourage you to contact us as we may be able to optimize shipping and provide a quote. Small orders should be placed online.

Why does a product say coming soon?
We're a new store and so we're learning about our stock every day. We might run out of stock early, or be waiting for stock to arrive. We'll try our best to get it right, but if you'd like more information about a product we don't have please contact us.

Where do you ship from?
Shipping times and costs reflect our products shipping out of Toronto, with the exception of all Nanuk products, which are shipped from Terrebonne, Quebec.

How long will my order take from order to being shipped?

 Range Arts Toronto  1-2 days to ship
 Nanuk cases  3-5 days to ship

How long will shipping take?

 Ground Shipping (Nanuk cases)   UPS Standard: up to 3 days by end of day
 Canada Post Regular Parcel  Local: up to 2 days
     Tracked  Regional: up to 5 days
     Delivery date NOT guaranteed  National: up to 9 days
Canada Post Expedited Parcel  Local: up to 1 day
     Tracked  Regional: up to 3 days
     Delivery date guaranteed  National: up to 7 days

How to I request a return and/or refund?
Please contact us after reviewing our Refund Policy. We use Shopify's payment processor and refunds can take 10 days to be reflected in your bank/card account.

How are Gift Certificates received by the customer?

Gift Certificates are digital, and arrive by email shortly after you complete your purchase. If you ever lose your gift certificate you can have it re-issued by contacting us.


What is your Privacy Policy?
Please review our Privacy Policy.

What are your Terms of Service?
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